.rooms projects dreams into reality

.rooms enables an immersive kitchen and home furniture design experience through innovative mixed reality technology

Plan your design on tablet or desktop

Create floor plans that can be exported to CAD tools and design kitchens in real time, in real spaces, using the mixed reality overlay

Anchor the virtual environment

Exact alignment of the virtual room with real life surroundings allows for highly immersive experiences

Experience and collaborate in mixed reality

View rooms in shared mixed reality experiences and collaborate at actual scale

Interact with virtual objects

Interact with holograms and create instant customer value, resulting in higher closing rates


Innovative Edge

Pioneer of and only viable B2C mixed reality solution

Add Value

plus 10%p conversion rate (CR) 7% more net AOV

Customer Happiness

Over 20.000 positive customer appointments

Business Development Potential

POCs identified potential for future segment expansion

Mobilie Solution

Full mobile On-Stop-Shop for your business

Easy To Learn

Reduced down time to learn new products or functions.


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